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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第二册 Unit 1a

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  <TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
  ||<1>budget |v.|plan carefully how much of sth. will be needed |(为...)作出安排
  ||    ||She has learned how to budget her time carefully. |她已学会了怎么精心安排自己的时间。
  ||    ||The government has budgeted 10 million dollars for education spending. |政府在预算中拨款一千万美元作为教育经费。
  ||    |vi.|plan the spending of money carefully |制定预算
  ||    ||As a student, you have to learn how to budget. |作为学生,你得学会如何制定开支计划。
  ||    |n.|[C] the amount of money a person or organization has to spend on sth. |预算
  ||    ||It is important to balance one's budget. |使收支平衡十分重要。
  ||    ||They are preparing the company's advertising budget for 2007. |他们正在制定公司2007年的广告预算。
  |@|<2>charge|v.|ask sb. for an amount of money for a service |向...收费,要价
  ||    ||We do not charge for delivery. |我们免费送货上门。
  ||    ||The doctor charged us 400 dollars for a five-minute examination. |医生做一次5分钟的检查要了我们400美元。
  ||<3>acute  |a.|1. quick to notice sth. |敏感的;敏锐的
  ||    ||Dogs have an acute sense of smell. |狗有灵敏的嗅觉。
  ||    ||The critical professional requires unusually acute observation. |评论家需要非常敏锐的观察力。
  ||    ||2. very serious or severe |严重的
  ||    ||The president suffered acute embarrassment from this news. |这一新闻使总统十分难堪。
  ||    ||He felt acute pain on his back. |他感到背部很疼。
  |■|<4>hourglass |n.|[C] |(计时用的)沙漏
  ||    ||The use of the hourglass dates back to almost two thousand years ago in China. |沙漏的使用在中国可追溯到差不多2千年前。
  ||<5>restless |a.|unable to keep still because one is nervous, bored, or impatient |烦躁的;不安静的
  ||    ||After one month in the job, he felt restless and decided to leave. |这工作他干了一个月就感到厌倦,于是决定不干了。
  ||    ||The children grew restless with the long wait. |等的时间一长,孩子们就逐渐躁动不安起来。
  ||<6> <em>restlessly</em> |ad. |in a restless manner; impatiently |烦躁地;不安静地
  ||    ||She walked back and forth restlessly in her room. |她焦躁不安地在房间里走来走去。
  ||    ||He moved about restlessly, lighting a cigarette. |他焦躁不安地走来走去,点燃了一支烟。
  ||<7>elbow  |vt.|push sb. with the elbows |用肘推(或撞)人
  ||    ||He elbowed me out of the way. |他用肘把我推开了。
  ||    ||She elbowed her way forward. |她用胳膊肘推挤着向前走。
  ||    |n.|[C] the joint where the arm bends |肘
  ||    ||He sat with his elbows on the table. |他坐着,双肘架在桌上。
  ||    ||His arm was wrapped from the elbow to the fingers. |他的胳膊从肘部一直包扎到手指。
  ||<8>abrupt |a. |1. (of behavior) rough; offensive |粗鲁的,无礼的
  ||    ||The manager was offended by his abrupt reply. |经理被他的粗鲁的回答激怒了。
  ||    ||The head teacher is very abrupt with parents. |主任老师对家长们的态度很粗鲁。
  ||    ||2. sudden and unexpected |突然的,意外的
  ||    ||The road is full of many abrupt turns. |这条路有许多急转弯。
  ||    ||His abrupt departure surprised everyone. |他突然离去,使大家都很吃惊。
  ||<9>opening |a.|beginning; starting |开始的
  ||    ||He left after the opening speech of the debate. |辩论会的开场白之后他就走了。
  ||    ||The queen attended the opening night of the theatre. |女王观看了这家剧院的首夜演出。
  ||    |n.|1. [C] an occasion when a new building, road, etc. is used for the first time, esp. one that involves a ceremony |开业典礼;落成典礼
  ||    ||the opening of a new highway |一条新公路的通车典礼
  ||    ||Many attended the opening of the new sports center. |很多人参加了新体育中心的落成典礼。
  ||    ||2. [C] a position that is available in a business or firm |空缺职位
  ||    ||There are few openings in publishing for new graduates. |出版行业能为新毕业的大学生提供的空缺职位极少。
  ||    ||I'm trying to apply for an opening in an advertising firm. |我正在申请广告公司的一个空缺职位。
  ||<10>ritual |a.|done regularly and in the same way |例行的;惯常的
  ||    ||Every day the work begins with the ritual greetings. |每天的工作以例行的问候开始。
  ||    ||They made ritual apology and left. |他们做了程式化的道歉,然后就离开了。
  ||    |n.|[C, U] sth. done regularly and in the same way |惯例
  ||    ||Wives make a ritual of their household duties. |家庭主妇每天都是一成不变地操持家务。
  ||    ||I've wound up the clock so many times that it has become a ritual. |我经常给钟上发条,以致这已成了我的习惯。
  ||<11>interaction |n. |1. [C, U] communication |交流
  ||    ||The interaction of the two groups produced many good ideas. |两个组通过相互交流提出了许多不错的见解。
  ||    ||If there was more interaction between the two, their problems would be solved. |如果双方有更多的沟通,他们的问题会得到解决。
  ||    ||2. [C, U] a process by which two or more things affect each other |相互作用;相互影响
  ||    ||the interaction of two medicines |两种药之间的相互作用
  ||    ||The interaction between different police forces would improve the rate of solving crimes. |警方相互合作可以提高破案率。
  |@|<12>convention|n.|1. [C, U] general, usu. unspoken agreement about how people should act or behave in certain situations |习俗;惯例
  ||    ||By convention, the leader is always a man. |按照惯例,领导总是由男性担任。
  ||    ||Wearing a coat and tie is an accepted convention on such  an occasion. |在那种场合,穿外套系领带是约定俗成的穿着要求。
  ||    ||2. [C] a meeting of members of a profession, political party, etc. |会议;大会
  ||    ||They hold the annual convention in July. |他们每年7月召开年度会议。
  ||    ||The convention decided on a new rule. |大会就一项新规定作出决议。
  ||<13>leisure |n.|1. [U] time free from work or other duties; spare time |空闲,闲暇
  ||    ||We've been working all week without a moment's leisure. |我们已整整干了一周,无一刻闲暇。
  ||    ||He has some leisure from his studies. |他在学习之余有些空闲时间。
  ||    ||2. [U] ease |悠闲,安逸
  ||    ||A life of easy leisure makes a man less adventurous. |安逸的生活会使人变得不思进取。
  ||    ||After she retired, she lived in leisure at home. |她退休后闲居在家。
  ||<14> <em>leisurely</em> |a. |without hurrying |从容的;不匆忙的
  ||    ||walk at a leisurely pace |迈着从容的步伐行进
  ||    ||Her walked at a more leisurely pace. |他慢悠悠地走着。
  |@|<15>assess |vt.|judge or decide the amount, value, quality, or importance of sb. or sth. |评价,评估
  ||    ||They assessed the value of the house at $600,000. |他们估算这幢房子值60万美元。
  ||    ||They say they can assess intelligence from these tests. |他们声称通过这些测试能对智力进行评估。
  ||<16>surroundings |n.  |(pl.) all the objects, conditions, etc. that are around and may affect sb. or sth.; environment |周围的事物;环境
  ||    ||pleasant surroundings |令人愉快的环境
  ||    ||The new surroundings made the children very happy. |新的环境让孩子们很开心。
  ||<17>probe  |v. |try to find out the truth about sth. |调查;探究
  ||    ||The matter must be probed to the bottom. |这件事必须彻底调查。
  ||    ||She tried to probe his mind to find out what he was thinking. |她试图探究他的心思,以便知道他在想些什么。
  ||    |n.|[C] |探针(医生检查伤口用的钝头细长工具)
  ||    ||The doctor lost the probe during the operation. |手术过程中,医生弄丢了探针。
  |@|<18>social |a.|1. relating to society and people's lives in general |社会的
  ||    ||Governments have made efforts to improve women's social and economic status. |政府已作出努力以提高妇女的社会地位和经济地位。
  ||    ||Not least important, marriage is a great social stabilizer of men. |很重要的是,婚姻是促使男子稳定的一大社会因素。
  ||    ||2. relating to meeting people and spending time with them |社交的
  ||    ||She often attends social gatherings. |她常出席社交聚会。
  ||    ||His reasons for calling were purely social. |他来访的原因纯粹是为了社交。
  ||<19> <em>socially</em> |ad.| |与社会 (或社交) 相关地
  ||    ||We have known each other socially for a long time. |我们相交已久。
  ||    ||For socially ambitious couples this is a problem. |对社交上雄心勃勃的夫妇来说,这是一个问题。
  ||<20>tick  |vi.|(of a clock or watch) make a short repeated sound |(钟、表等)滴答响
  ||    ||The old clock ticked noisily. |那口老钟的滴答声很响。
  ||    ||My watch doesn't tick because it's electronic. |我的表不滴嗒作响,因为它是电子表。
  ||    |n.|[sing.] the short repeated sound that a clock or watch makes |(钟、表的)滴答声
  ||    ||The continual tick of the clock got on my nerves. |钟不断地作响,令我心烦。
  ||    ||The ticks seem to be coming from that bag over there. |滴答声似乎是从那边的袋子里发出的。
  ||<21>consequently |ad.  |as a result |因此,所以
  ||    ||My car broke down and consequently I was late. |我的汽车半路上出了毛病,所以来晚了。
  ||    ||I spent most of my money in the first week and consequently had very little to spend on food during the last few days of the holidays. |我在假期第一周就用掉了大部分钱,因此最后几天几乎没什么钱买吃的了。
  |@|<22>device |n.|1. [C] a machine or tool for a special purpose |器械,装置
  ||    ||He made a device to make the door shut by itself. |他制作了一种能使门自动关闭的装置。
  ||    ||A computer is a device for processing information. |计算机是一种处理信息的装置。
  ||    ||2. [C] a way of doing sth. |方法,手段
  ||    ||Her illness is only a device to escape seeing him.| 她所谓生病只是回避见他的一种策略。
  ||    ||By various devices he was able to make a huge fortune. |他通过各种手段赚了一大笔钱。
  ||<23>fax    |n.|[C] |传真;传真机
  ||    ||I'll send you a fax with the details of the meeting. |我会把会议的细节用传真发给你。
  ||    ||I'll send you the agreement by fax. |我会把合同用传真发给你。
  ||<24>email  |n.|[C, U] |(also e-mail) 电子邮件
  ||    ||Nowadays people send far more emails than letters by post. |现今人们发送的电子邮件远多于信件。
  ||    ||They keep in touch by email. |他们通过电子邮件保持联系。
  ||<25>given  |prep.|taking sth. into account; considering |如果考虑到
  ||    ||Given the uncertainty over my husband's future I was left with little other choice. |鉴于我丈夫前途的不确定性,我别无选择。
  ||    ||Given the circumstances, you've done really well. |考虑到环境因素,你做得已经很出色了。
  ||<26> <em>gathering</em> |n.|[C] a meeting |集会,聚会
  ||    ||I met him once or twice at family gatherings. |我在家庭聚会上遇到过他一两次。
  ||    ||Soon afterwards, the gathering broke up and the guests took their leave. |不多久,聚会结束,客人告辞。
  ||<27> <em>impersonality</em> |n.     |[U] the quality of not showing or including personal feelings |不牵涉个人感情;无人情味
  ||    ||It was a system of impersonality; it made no difference who you were, so long as you could master its rules. |这是一项不牵涉个人感情的制度,只要你掌握规则,你是谁都无关紧要。
  |@|<28>electronic|a.|1. using devices such as radios, televisions, computers, etc. |使用电子设备的
  ||    ||This dictionary is available in electronic form. |这部词典有电子版本。
  ||    ||I've only now become familiar with the benefits of electronic banking. |我现在才熟悉电子银行的优点。
  ||    ||2. produced or operated by a flow of electrons |电子的
  ||    ||an electronic address book |电子地址簿
  ||    ||an electronic game |电子游戏
  |@|<29>significance |n.  |[sing., U] the importance of an event, action, etc. |重要性;重要意义
  ||    ||Could you explain to me the significance of this part of the agreement? |请把合同中这部分的含义给我解释一下好吗?
  ||    ||Few people realized the significance of the discovery. |几乎没人意识到这一发现的重要性。
  |@|<30>conduct |vt.|1. carry out |进行;实施
  ||    ||conduct an experiment |做实验
  ||    ||We have been conducting a survey of the region. |我们对该地区进行了调查。
  ||    ||2. act as the path for electricity, heat, etc. |传导(电或热)
  ||    ||Copper conducts electricity well. |铜具有良好的导电性能。
  ||    ||He wasn't sure if rubber conducted electricity. |他不能肯定橡胶是否导电。
  ||    |n.|[U] the way sb. behaves |行为,举止
  ||    ||The prisoner was set free early because of good conduct. |那个囚犯因表现好而被提前释放。
  ||    ||Nobody can stand such shameless conduct. |没有人能容忍如此不知羞耻的行为。
  ||<31>increasingly |ad.  |more and more |日益;愈加
  ||    ||Increasingly, people are realizing that our basic problems are not economic ones. |人们逐渐认识到我们的根本问题并不是经济问题。
  ||    ||The country became increasingly rich and successful. |这个国家日趋富足昌盛。
  ||<32>conference |n.|[C] a formal meeting |(正式)会议
  ||    ||The Institute of Accountants is holding its conference in Edinburgh this year. |会计师协会正在爱丁堡举行今年的会议。
  ||    ||She's an organizer of the International Conference on AIDS that the university has every year. |她是大学每年召开的爱滋病国际会议的组织者。
  ||<33> <em>teleconference</em> |n.    |[C] |(通过电话、电视等手段召开的)远程会议
  ||    ||Holding a teleconference can save time and money. |召开远程会议既省时又省钱。
  ||    ||The technicians were busy preparing for today's teleconference. |技术人员正忙着为今天的远程会议做准备工作。
  |@|<34>obtain  |vt.|get sth. that one wants |获得,得到
  ||    ||He always manages to obtain what he wants. |他想要的他总能弄到。
  ||    ||Further information can be obtained from our head office. |可以从我们的总部获得更多的资料。
  ||<35>superb |a.|extremely good |极好的
  ||    ||The sports center is superb. |这个体育中心是一流的。
  ||    ||The view from my window is superb. |从窗外看去,景色壮丽。
  |@|<36>whereas |conj.|in contrast; while |然而;但是
  ||    ||He earns $8,000 whereas she gets at least $20,000 every year. |他一年只挣八千美元;而她却至少挣两万美元。
  ||    ||She is hard-working, whereas he is lazy. |她很勤快,而他却懒惰。
  ||<37> <em>postal</em> |a.     |relating to post; sent by post |邮政的;邮寄的
  ||    ||Domestic postal services will be reviewed this year. |今年将对国内邮政系统进行评估。
  |@|<38>efficient |a.|working well and without wasting time, money, or energy |效率高的
  ||    ||a very efficient secretary |办事效率高的秘书
  ||    ||Lighting is now more energy efficient. |现在的照明更节能。
  ||<39> <em>impolite</em>|a.|not polite |无礼的,失礼的
  ||    ||It would be impolite to leave in the middle of the meeting. |在会议中途离开会是失礼的。
  ||    ||She had no wish to appear impolite but there was something about the man that made her so. |她并不想表现出有失礼仪,但那个男子的举止使她不得不如此。
  |★|<40>elapse |vi.|(of time) pass |(时间)过去,逝去
  ||    ||Three years have elapsed since we last met. |自我们上次见面以来,已经过去三年了。
  ||    ||Four years had elapsed since he left college and still he hadn't found a job. |他大学毕业已四年了,却仍未找到工作。
  |@|<41>skillful |a.|(BrE skilful) having or showing ability to do sth. well |熟练的;有技巧的
  ||    ||He is skillful at inventing excuses. |他善于编造借口。
  ||    ||Soon they became very skillful in answering such questions. |他们很快变得善于回答这类问题。
  ||<42> <em>skillfulness</em> |n.    |[U] ( BrE skilfulness) |熟练;技巧
  ||    ||He was admired by all for his skillfulness. |他技术精湛,赢得众人交口称赞。
  ||    ||His performance tonight speaks volumes for his skillfulness. |他今晚的表现充分说明他技巧之熟练。
  |@|<43>competent |a.|having the necessary ability, skill, knowledge, etc. |有能力的;能干的;胜任的
  ||    ||He's not competent to look after young children. |他不太会照管孩子。
  ||    ||My secretary is perfectly competent, but she doesn't have much patience. |我的秘书完全能够胜任工作,只是耐心不够。
  |@|<44>fulfill ||(BrE fulfil) |
  ||    |vt.|1. do what one must do |履行;执行
  ||    ||fulfill an obligation |履行义务
  ||    ||A nurse has many duties to fulfill in caring for the sick. |护士在护理病人时要履行许多职责。
  ||    ||2. achieve sth. one wanted to do |实现;完成
  ||    ||I have fulfilled many of my youthful aims. |我已实现了我年轻时的许多目标。
  ||    ||Visiting Disneyland has fulfilled a boyhood dream. |游玩迪斯尼实现了他儿时的梦想。
  |@|<45>capital |n.|[sing., U] money used to produce more wealth or for starting a business |资本;资金
  ||    ||Our return on capital has more than doubled since 2000. |2000年以来, 我们的投资收益翻了一番还多。
  ||    ||Since the stock market crash, companies have been trying to raise capital by selling new stock. |股市崩溃以来,不少公司一直在设法通过销售新股筹集资金。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<46>fall behind |move more slowly than other people so that one is behind them |落在...后面
  |||She hurt her ankle and fell behind the others. |她的脚踝受伤了,所以落在了其他人后面。
  |||His mother was chatting and didn't notice that he had fallen behind. |他妈妈一直在和别人聊天,都没发现他落在了后面。
  ||<47>result in|make sth. happen; cause |导致;造成...的结果
  |||Our efforts resulted in success. |我们的努力取得了成功。
  |||If left untreated, the condition will eventually result in blindness. |这种情况如果不治疗,最终会导致失明。
  ||<48>run out|1. (of food, money, etc.) there is none left |用完;耗尽
  |||Their supplies soon ran out. |他们的供给很快就用完了。
  |||We must act quickly because time is running out. |时间所剩无几,我们得赶快行动。
  |||2. use all of sth. and not have any left |用完;耗尽
  |||We can see that the manager is running out of his patience. |我们可以看出,经理快没耐心了。
  |||The printer has run out of paper. |打印机的纸用完了。
  ||<49>in a rush|in a hurry |匆忙地
  |||I'm in such a rush that I can't stop. |我忙得手脚不闲,停不下来。
  |||Everybody is always in a rush to get ready in the mornings. |早上,每个人的准备工作都总是很匆忙的。
  ||<50>go with|exist or take place at the same time with sth. else |同时发生;伴随
  |||Money does not always go with happiness. |有钱并不一定就幸福。
  |||Responsibility goes with becoming a father. |做父亲就得有责任。
  ||<51>work at|put effort into sth. or doing sth. |致力于;从事
  |||I've been working at my essay all day. |我整天都在不停地写文章。
  |||You will have to work at the weak points in your English if you want to pass the examination. |你如果想通过考试,就得在你英语薄弱的环节上下功夫。
  ||<52>in person|doing sth. by oneself |亲身;亲自
  |||The winner will be there in person to collect the prize. |获胜者将亲自去那里领奖。
  |||I had seen her before on TV, but she looked very different when I met her in person. |我以前在电视上见过她,但当面相见,她却看上去很不一样。
  ||<53>due to|because of sth. |由于
  |||His lateness was due to the very heavy traffic on the way. |他迟到是因为路上车辆太多。
  |||His hunger was due to not eating for the entire day. |他整天没吃东西,因此感到饿。
  ||<54>pour into|give a lot of effort, money, etc. to sth. |大量投入(精力或金钱等)
  |||They've poured thousands of dollars into developing the business. |他们已投入数千美元开展业务。
  |||A lot of his time was poured into his research. |他的很多时间用在了研究上。

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