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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第二册 Unit 3b

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<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
||<1> <em>mother-in-law</em> |n.    |[C] the mother of one's husband or wife |岳母;婆婆
||||Her mother-in-law helps her to take care of her child and she is grateful. |她婆婆帮她照料小孩,她很感激。
||<2>brilliant|a.|1. very good; very clever or skilled |出色的;聪颖的
||||"Did you like the film?" "I thought it was brilliant." |“你喜欢这部电影吗?” “我觉得它太出色了。”
||||She's got a brilliant sense of humor. |她极富有幽默感。
||||2. full of light; shining, or bright in color |明亮的;光亮的
||||The rooms were all painted brilliant white. |所有的房间被粉刷成明亮的白色。
||||He flashed a brilliant smile at me. |他冲我灿烂一笑。
|@|<3>arrange|v.|plan the details of a future event |准备;安排
||||I've arranged that one of my classmates will meet you at the airport. |我已作了安排,由我的一位同学将去机场接你。
||||Please arrange for a taxi to collect us after the meeting. |请安排一辆出租车在会议结束后来接我们。
|||vt.|put a group of people or things in a particular position or order |排列;布置
||||arrange flowers |插花
||||The teacher arranged the students in groups according to their interest. |老师按兴趣将学生分组。
||<4>eve|n.|[C] the day or evening before a certain event |前夕;前一天
||||Mr. Hurd was speaking to Arab reporters in London on the eve of his visits to Jordan and Saudi Arabia. |赫德先生在访问约旦和沙特阿拉伯前夕,向在伦敦的阿拉伯记者们发表了讲话。
||||Are you doing anything exciting on New Year's Eve? |除夕之夜你有什么有意思的安排吗?
||<5>cube|vt.|cut food into cube-shaped pieces |切成方块
||||cube the potatoes |把土豆切成丁状
||||You'd better cube the meat. |你最好把肉切成小方块儿。
|||n.|[C] a solid object with six square sides |立方体
||||Cut the meat into small cubes. |把肉切成小方块
||||The ice cubes in the bottom of her glass made a ringing sound as she drank. |喝酒时,她杯子底部的冰块叮当作响。
|★|<6>garlic|n.|[U] |蒜,大蒜
||||garlic bread |蒜味面包
||||a garlic press |榨蒜汁机
||<7>slice|vt.|cut into thin flat pieces |切成薄片
||||Could you slice me a very thin piece of cake? |你能为我切一片很薄的蛋糕吗?
||||He sliced the top off his finger while he was cutting vegetables. |他切蔬菜时不小心削了手指尖。
|||n.|[C] a flat thin piece of food that has been cut from a large piece |片
||||a slice of bread |一片面包
||||Would you like another slice of beef? |你还要一片牛肉吗?
||<8>ingredient|n.|1. [C] one of the foods that is used to make a particular dish |(食品的)成分,配料
||||The list of ingredients included 500g of sugar and 200ml of cream. |配料单上列出的成份包括500克糖和200毫升奶油。
||||Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. |把所有配料在碗里搅拌好。
||||2. [C] a quality one needs to achieve sth. |因素;要素
||||the ingredients of one's character |构成某人性格的种种要素
||||Trust is a key ingredient in a successful marriage. |信任是成功婚姻的关键要素。
||<9>chop|vt.|cut sth. into small pieces |切;剁碎
||||Mac would help his mother chop some firewood before she made the meals. |母亲做饭前,马克总要帮母亲劈点木柴。
||||Spread some chopped onions over the fish before it's served. |上菜之前,先在鱼上撒点剁碎的洋葱。
||<10>purple|a.| |紫色的
||||a purple flower |紫色的花朵
||||He went purple with anger. |他气得脸色发紫。
|||n.|[U] |紫色
||||She wore a dress of dark purple. |她穿了一件深紫色的连衣裙。
||||The evening sky was full of purples and reds. |傍晚的天空全是一片紫红。
|@|<11>concerning|prep.|about or relating to sb. or sth. |关于
||||a letter concerning your complaints |一封与你的投诉有关的信
||||If you have any information concerning the recent event at the station, please contact the police. |如果你了解任何与最近车站所发生的事情有关的情况,请与警方联系。
||<12>toe|n.|[C] |脚趾
||||It looks like you've broken your toe. |看上去你好像是摔断了脚趾头。
||||If you can feel your toes at the end of the shoe you probably need the next size up. |如果你感到脚趾头顶着了鞋子,你可能需要换一双大一号的鞋。
|@|<13>anticipate|vt.|think that sth. will happen and be ready for it |预料;预计
||||Do you anticipate meeting any trouble? |你预料会遇到什么困难吗?
||||I anticipate great pleasure from my visit to Paris. |我想我的巴黎之行会很愉快。
|@|<14>criticism|n.|[C, U] the words not in favor of sb. or sth. |批评;指责
||||He can't take criticism; he just stops listening and starts shouting. |他接受不了别人的批评;对别人的批评不但不听,还大声嚷嚷。
||||I have a few criticisms to make about your speech. |对你的讲话我有些不同的看法。
||<15>curl|n.|[C] |卷发;卷曲物
||||Her hair fell in curls over her shoulders. |她的头发卷曲着一直垂到肩上。
||||Curls of smoke were rising from the chimney. |缕缕青烟从烟囱中升起。
||<16>curly|a.|having lots of curls |卷曲的
||||curly leaves |卷曲的叶子
||||My hair is by nature curly and thick. |我的头发天生又卷又密。
||<17>splash|n.|[C] |有色斑点
||||Add a red scarf to give a splash of color. |加条红围巾,添点亮色。
||||The little girl in her flowery dress provides the only splash of color in the picture. |穿着花裙子的小女孩给照片增添了唯一的一点色彩。
|&|<18>freckle|n.|[C] |雀斑;斑点
||||He has red hair, green eyes and a face full of freckles1. |他长着红头发、绿眼睛和一张满是雀斑的脸。
||||The light from the sun causes freckles to darken and new ones to appear. |太阳光会使雀斑颜色变深并长出新的雀斑来。
||<19>compact|a.|1. small, but solid and strong |结实的
||||a compact body |结实的身体
||||a compact build |结实的身材
||||2. packed together closely and neatly2 |紧凑的
||||compact disc (CD) |激光唱片
||||What a compact office! How did you fit so much into so little space? |多紧凑的办公室啊!你们是如何把这么多东西放进这么小的房间的?
||<20> <em>compactly</em> |ad. |in a compact manner |结实地;密实地
||||The car was compactly built. |这辆车造得精巧牢固。
||||He packed all his camping equipment compactly into one bag. |他把所有的宿营用品都严严实实地塞在一只包里。
||<21> <em>forgettable <em>|a.|that can be forgotten easily |容易被忘记的
||||He's an ordinary man and easily forgettable. |这是个普通男人,容易被人忘记。
||||It's a forgettable movie; it's hard to believe that people are swarming3 into cinemas to see it. |这时一部看了就忘的电影,很难想象人们还蜂拥进电影院去看。
||<22>bubble|vi.|form thin balls of air or gas in liquid |冒泡
||||Is the water bubbling yet? |水烧开了吗?
||||We could hear the soup beginning to bubble. |我们能听见汤开始冒泡的声音。
|||n.|[C] a ball of air |气泡;泡沫
||||As water begins to boil, bubbles rise ever faster to the surface. |水开始沸腾时,气泡会更快地升向水面。
||||Rosie was out in the garden blowing bubbles. |罗西在花园里吹泡泡玩。
||<23>bump|n.|1. [C] an area of skin that is raised because one has hit it on sth. |肿块;突起
||||goose bumps |鸡皮疙瘩
||||Her bicycle hit a bump in the road and threw her off. |她的自行车撞上了路中的突起处,把她摔了下来。
||||2. [C] a blow or hit |碰撞;猛撞
||||She got a bump on her head when she fell down, but luckily she wasn't hurt. |她摔倒时头被撞了一下,所幸没有受伤。
||||We heard a bump from the next room. |我们听见从隔壁房间传来东西碰撞的声音。
|||v.|hit with force, esp. accidentally |碰撞
||||She bumped into his dinner table, knocking the food onto his lap. |她碰上了他的餐桌, 把食物撞翻到了他的腿上。
||||We bumped into Kate as we were rushing around the corner.  |我们在匆忙跑过转角处时与凯特撞个满怀。
|@|<24>compel|vt.|make sb. do sth.; force |强迫,迫使
||||We cannot compel you to do it, but we think you should. |我们不能强迫你做这件事,可是我们认为你应该做。
||||The rain compelled us to stay indoors. |大雨迫使我们呆在屋里。
|@|<25>behalf|n.|[U] (on sb.'s ~ or <em>on</em> ~ of sb.) instead of sb., or as their representative |代表某人;代替某人
||||On behalf of my husband and myself I thank you. |我代表我的丈夫和我本人向您表示感谢。
||||Ken is not present, so I shall accept the prize on his behalf. |肯没出席,所以我将代表他领奖。
||<26> <em>heatedly</em>|ad.|with strong, excited, and often angry feelings |热烈地;激烈地
||||We used to stay up all night, drinking wine and arguing heatedly about politics. |我们常常彻夜不眠,一边喝酒,一边热烈地谈论政治。
||||She heatedly stormed into the room to confront her husband's lover. |她怒冲冲地冲进房间去质问丈夫的情人。
|@|<27>innocent|a.|1. done or said without intending to harm or offend anyone |无恶意的
||||It was an innocent question. Why get so worked up about it?  |这个问题毫无冒犯之意,你为什么要这么激动?
||||It was an innocent remark; I didn't mean to hurt his feelings.  |这话没有恶意;我并没有想伤害他的感情。
||||2. not guilty of a crime |无罪的;无辜的
||||A man should be supposed innocent of crime until he is found guilty. |一个人在被证明有罪之前应被认为是无罪的。
||||They have put an innocent man in prison. |他们把一个无辜的人投进了监狱。
||<28>innocently|ad.|in an innocent manner |无恶意地
||||"Have I done anything wrong?" she asked innocently. |“我做错什么了吗?” 她一脸无辜地问道。
||||He made the criticism innocently. |他作出这样的批评并无恶意。
||<29>dialect|n.|[C, U] a special form of language which is peculiar4 to a certain region or social group |方言,土语
||||A rich variety of dialects still exist throughout the country. |全国各地仍然存在着各种各样的方言。
||||The novel was written in northern dialect. |这部小说是以北方方言写成的。
|&|<30>pox|n.|[U] |痘,痘疮
||||chicken-pox |水痘
||||smallpox |天花
|@|<31>criticize|vt.|(BrE criticise) |
||||1. point out the mistakes of sb. or sth. |批评;批判
||||She was criticized by name for her lack of leadership. |她因领导不力而受到了点名批评。
||||The report strongly criticizes the police for failing to deal with this problem. |报道对警方未能解决这个问题进行了强烈指责。
||||2. form and express a judgment5 on a work of art, literature, etc. |评论
||||He taught students how to criticize the films. |他教学生如何进行电影评论。
||||We're a group of artists who meet to discuss things and criticize each other's work. |我们是一群聚在一起讨论问题、评论相互作品的艺术家。
||<32>clue|n.|[C] information that helps sb. understand the reasons why sth. happens |线索;提示
||||Police are still looking for clues in their search for the missing girl. |警方仍在寻找线索以便找到失踪的女孩。
||||I'm never going to guess the answer if you don't give me a clue. |如果你不给我一点提示,我绝对猜不到答案。
||<33> <em>salty</em>|a.|tasting of or containing salt |咸的;盐的
||||He cut two thick slices of bread and spread yellow, salty butter over each one. |他切了两片面包,涂上了黄色的咸味奶油。
||||Don't feed your friends salty biscuits, because they don't like them. |不要给你朋友吃盐味饼干,他们不喜欢。
||<34>cue|n.|[C] a signal for sb. to do sth. |暗示;信号
||||They started washing up, so that was our cue to leave the party. |他们开始洗刷碗碟,这就暗示我们该离开晚会了。
||||The rise in interest rates may be a cue for the cooling down of the stock market. |利息上涨可能暗示着股市将要冷却下来。
||<35>proclaim|vt.|say publicly that sth. is true or exists |宣布;声称
||||The ringing bells proclaimed the birth of the prince. |响亮的钟声宣告了王子的诞生。
||||A national holiday was proclaimed. |宣布了一个国定假日。
||<36>diplomatic|a.|1. skillful in dealing6 with people |有交际手段的;圆滑的
||||Ask him nicely; be diplomatic. |好好问他,要注意方式。
||||They have to be more diplomatic in public speeches. |他们在公开讲话时必须更加谨慎。
||||2. relating to the work of diplomats7 |外交的
||||The two leaders have been involved in lengthy8 diplomatic discussions. |两位领导人陷入了旷日持久的外交谈判中。
||||Britain threatened to break off diplomatic relations. |英国威胁说要断绝外交关系。
|&|<37>soy|n.|[U] |大豆
||||soy milk |豆奶
||||What sauces go best with fish? |烧鱼用什么佐料最好?
||<39> <em>soy sauce</em> | ||酱油
||<40>china|n. |[U] |瓷器
||||a china vase |瓷花瓶
||||The best china was only taken out when guests came to dinner. |最好的陶瓷餐具只在有客人来吃饭时才拿出来。
|@|<41>somehow|ad.|1. in some way; by some means |以某种方法;不知怎么的
||||We must stop him from seeing her somehow. |我们得设法阻止他看到她。
||||It won't be easy, but we'll get across the river somehow. |这将不是件简单的事情,但我们能想办法过河去。
||||2. for a reason that is unknown |由于某种未知的原因
||||Somehow the dog had escaped. |不知为什么,那狗跑了。
||||I always knew I'd get the job, somehow. |说不出什么道理,我总觉得我会得到那份工作。
miserable9|a.|very">|@|<42>miserable|a.|very unhappy or uncomfortable |痛苦的;悲惨的
||||They were living in miserable conditions. |他们生活得很悲惨。
||||She's been so miserable since her son died. |自她儿子死后,她一直都那么痛苦。
||<43> <em>miserably10</em> |ad.|in a miserable way |痛苦地;悲惨地
||||It's been miserably wet all week. |整个星期都在下雨,真让人受不了。
||||We failed miserably to agree. |很糟糕,我们未能达成一致意见。
|@|<44>modest|a.|1. (of a person) not liking11 to talk about their abilities, achievements, success, etc. |谦虚的,虚心的
||||The young man is very modest about his success. |这个年轻人对自己的成功表现得很谦虚。
||||Really great men are modest. |真正的伟人都很谦虚。
||||2. not large in amount, size, etc. |适中的,适度的
||||His needs are quite modest. |他的需求一点不过分。
||||There has been a modest development in housing conditions for the poor. |穷人的住房条件有了一些改善。
||<45> <em>modestly</em>|ad. |in a modest way |谦虚地,虚心地;适中地,适度地
||||"I'd never have won the prize without the help of my two assistants," she said modestly. |她谦逊地说:“如果没有两名助手的帮助,我决不可能获得这个奖。”
||||At just $9, the radio is modestly priced. |只卖9美元,这收音机价格合理。
|&|<46>A-OK|ad.|(colloq.) very good |极好;棒极了
||||Everything is going A-OK thanks to his help. |由于他的帮助,一切都进展得很顺利。
||||James read quite A-OK for his age. |詹姆士就他的年龄来说读得棒极了。
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<47>come up with |find an answer, a solution, etc. |想出,提出(答案、解决方法等)
|||She came up with a new idea for increasing sales. |她想出了一个增加销售量的新主意。
|||I hope you can come up with a better plan than that. |我希望你能想出一个比这个更好的方案来。
||<48>win over|gain sb.'s support or favor |说服;把...争取过来
|||She's against the idea, but I'm sure I can win her over. |她反对这个主意,但是我确信我能说服她。
|||They've won over a lot of villagers since she's been leader of the party. |自她成为这个党的领导者之后,已经赢得了众多乡村居民的支持。
||<49>from head to toe |over the whole of one's body |从头到脚;浑身上下
|||The children were covered in mud from head to toe. |孩子们浑身上下都是泥。
|||The policeman observed me from head to toe as though I were a thief. |警察上上下下地打量我,似乎我是个小偷。
||<50>on the short/fat/thin, etc. side |slightly short/ fat/thin, etc. |有点矮(胖、瘦等)
|||Your clothes are on the long side for your younger brother. |你弟弟穿你的衣服都有点长了。
|||That girl is tall and beautiful, but she is a bit on the fat side to be a model. |那个女孩儿又高又漂亮,但当模特儿还是稍微胖了点儿。
||<51>think of|have a particular opinion about sb. or sth. |有...看法
|||Mary doesn't think much of Jane's new boyfriend. |玛丽认为简新交的男朋友不怎么样。
|||What do you think of the government's latest action? |你对政府近来采取的措施怎么看?
||<52>put (sb.) to bed |make (sb.) go to bed |安置(某人)睡觉
|||It's time to put the children to bed. |该让孩子们去睡觉了。
|||I always put the children to bed at 7:00 p.m. |我总是在晚上7点让孩子们上床睡觉。
||<53>hit it off|enjoy good relations; like each other |相处得很好;一见如故
|||Do you hit it off with your husband's mother? |你和你婆婆合得来吗?
|||I didn't really hit it off with his friends. |我和他的朋友并不很合得来。
<TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
||<54>Rich       | |里奇 (人名)
||<55>Vincent          | |文森特 (人名)
||<56>Lisa Lum      | |莉萨·卢姆 (人名)
||<57>Shoshana         | |肖莎娜 (人名)


1 freckles MsNzcN     
n.雀斑,斑点( freckle的名词复数 )
  • She had a wonderful clear skin with an attractive sprinkling of freckles. 她光滑的皮肤上有几处可爱的小雀斑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • When she lies in the sun, her face gets covered in freckles. 她躺在阳光下时,脸上布满了斑点。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 neatly ynZzBp     
  • Sailors know how to wind up a long rope neatly.水手们知道怎样把一条大绳利落地缠好。
  • The child's dress is neatly gathered at the neck.那孩子的衣服在领口处打着整齐的皱褶。
3 swarming db600a2d08b872102efc8fbe05f047f9     
密集( swarm的现在分词 ); 云集; 成群地移动; 蜜蜂或其他飞行昆虫成群地飞来飞去
  • The sacks of rice were swarming with bugs. 一袋袋的米里长满了虫子。
  • The beach is swarming with bathers. 海滩满是海水浴的人。
4 peculiar cinyo     
  • He walks in a peculiar fashion.他走路的样子很奇特。
  • He looked at me with a very peculiar expression.他用一种很奇怪的表情看着我。
5 judgment e3xxC     
  • The chairman flatters himself on his judgment of people.主席自认为他审视人比别人高明。
  • He's a man of excellent judgment.他眼力过人。
6 dealing NvjzWP     
  • This store has an excellent reputation for fair dealing.该商店因买卖公道而享有极高的声誉。
  • His fair dealing earned our confidence.他的诚实的行为获得我们的信任。
7 diplomats ccde388e31f0f3bd6f4704d76a1c3319     
n.外交官( diplomat的名词复数 );有手腕的人,善于交际的人
  • These events led to the expulsion of senior diplomats from the country. 这些事件导致一些高级外交官被驱逐出境。
  • The court has no jurisdiction over foreign diplomats living in this country. 法院对驻本国的外交官无裁判权。 来自《简明英汉词典》
8 lengthy f36yA     
  • We devoted a lengthy and full discussion to this topic.我们对这个题目进行了长时间的充分讨论。
  • The professor wrote a lengthy book on Napoleon.教授写了一部有关拿破仑的巨著。
9 miserable g18yk     
  • It was miserable of you to make fun of him.你取笑他,这是可耻的。
  • Her past life was miserable.她过去的生活很苦。
10 miserably zDtxL     
  • The little girl was wailing miserably. 那小女孩难过得号啕大哭。
  • It was drizzling, and miserably cold and damp. 外面下着毛毛细雨,天气又冷又湿,令人难受。 来自《简明英汉词典》
11 liking mpXzQ5     
  • The word palate also means taste or liking.Palate这个词也有“口味”或“嗜好”的意思。
  • I must admit I have no liking for exaggeration.我必须承认我不喜欢夸大其词。
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