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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第二册 Unit 4a

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<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
||<1>digital|a.|giving information in the form of numbers  |数字的;数字显示的
||||a digital camera |数码照相机
||||The quality of sound from a digital recording1 is truly excellent. |数字录音声带的声音的质量的确出色。
||<2>eyesight|n.|[U] the ability to see |视力
||||You need to have your eyesight tested. |你需要测一下视力。
||||Many of those aged2 75 or over will have failing eyesight. |很多75岁以上的老人视力都会衰退。
|@|<3>volunteer|v.|offer to do sth. without being paid |自愿(做某事)
||||Jenny volunteered to clean up afterwards. |珍尼自愿过一会儿清除打扫。
||||He volunteered to show us around the school. |他自愿带我们参观学校。
|||n.|[C] sb.  who offers to do sth. without being paid |志愿者
||||Any volunteers? |谁自愿来?
||||This is a huge project, but we have a lot of volunteers for the most difficult work. |这是一个大项目,但有许多志愿者愿意来承担其中最困难的工作。
|@|<4>identical|a.|exactly the same |完全一样的,完全相同的
||||I've got three identical navy suits. |我有3套相同的海军服。
||||The tests are identical to those carried out last year. |这些考试和去年举行的相同。
||<5>departure|n.|[C, U] an act of leaving a place |离开,出发
||||His departure was quite unexpected. |他的离去出人意料。
||||There was a delay in the departure of our plane. |我们的飞机延迟了起飞。
||<6>destination|n.|[C] a place to which sb. is going or sth. is being sent |目的地;终点
||||Tokyo was our final destination. |东京是我们最终的目的地。
||||We arrived at our destination tired and hungry. |我们到达目的地时又累又饿。
|@|<7>overseas|ad.|in or to a country across the sea; abroad |在海外;在国外
||||If you are living overseas, you may not have to pay tax in your own country. |如果你生活在海外,可以不必在你自己的国家付税。
||||Many more people travel overseas for their holidays now than used to be the case. |比起以前,现在有更多的人去海外度假。
|||a.|coming from or happening abroad |海外的;外国的
||||We are trying to build up overseas markets for our cars. |我们正设法为我们的汽车开拓海外市场。
||||There are a lot of overseas students in America. |美国有许多国外的留学生。
||<8>aboard|prep.&ad.|in or on a ship, train, plane, etc. |在船(车,飞机等)上;上船(车,飞机等)
||||The flight attendant welcomed us aboard the plane. |空中小姐欢迎我们登机。
||||The boat is ready to leave. All aboard! |船要开了,所有人都请上船!
||<9>cargo3|n.|[C, U] goods carried by a ship, plane, or vehicle |(船,飞机或车辆运送的)货物
||||The ship was carrying a cargo of wool from England to France. |这艘船正将羊毛货品从英国运往法国。
||||The boat calls at the main port to load its regular cargo of bananas. |船停泊在主要港口,装上它通常装载的货物——香蕉。
||<10>territory|n. |[C, U] an area of land controlled by a particular country, city, army, etc. |领土;领地
||||The UN is sending aid to the occupied territories. |联合国向被占领地区提供救援。
||||He was shot down in the enemy territory. |他是在敌人的领土上被击落的。
||<11>deck|n.|[C] a floor built across a ship over all or part of its length |甲板
||||When we've eaten, let's go up on deck and get some fresh air. |吃好后我们上甲板去透透气吧。
||||The upper deck of the ship was always full of people smoking. |船的上层甲板总是坐满了抽烟的乘客。
|@|<12>decrease|n.|[C, U] the process of becoming less |减少
||||a 10% decrease in sales |销售额下降了10%
||||The survey shows that there is a decrease in the number of young people out of work. |调查表明,年轻人的失业率下降了。
|||v.|become less or reduce sth. |(使)减少;(使)降低
||||Profits have decreased by 15%. |利润下降了15%。
||||The population growth in that city is decreasing by 1.5% each year. |那个城市的人口增长率每年下降1.5%。
||<13>nourish|vt.|give a person or other living things the food they need to live, grow, and stay healthy |滋养;给...营养
||||Most plants are nourished by water drawn4 up through their roots. |大部分植物依赖其根所吸水分来获得养分。
||||Children need plenty of good fresh food to nourish them. |儿童需要从健康新鲜的食物中摄取营养。
|@|<14>decline|v.|refuse a request or offer, usu. politely |拒绝;谢绝
||||He declined my party invitation. |我请他参加宴会,但他谢绝了。
||||I declined to go with them. |我不愿和他们一道去。
|||vi.|decrease in amount, quality, or importance |减少,降低,下降
||||The value of the dollar on the world market has declined in recent years. |最近几年美元在世界市场上的价值有所下降。
||||The number of smokers5 in the United States declined greatly in the 1980s. |20世纪80年代美国吸烟人数大量减少。
|||n.|[sing., U] a reduction in the amount or quality of sth. |减少,下降
||||Thankfully the smoking of cigarettes is on the decline. |谢天谢地,抽烟的人越来越少了。
||||Many regular customers have noticed that the service in this restaurant is in decline. |许多老主顾都感觉到了这家饭店的服务质量每况愈下。
|@|<15>objection|n. |[C, U] a statement that shows one disagrees with sth. |反对;异议
||||He has a strong objection to getting up so early. |他强烈反对这么早起床。
||||The only objection is that it may cost us more than you think. |唯一的异议在于我们的花费要比你想象的更多。
|@|<16>forbid||(forbade, forbidden) |
|||vt.|not allow |禁止
||||I can't forbid you to see that man again. |我不能禁止你再与那个人见面。
||||Driving has been forbidden in the town center. |市中心禁止车辆行驶。
||<17>connection|n.|[C] the state of being connected |联系;关系
||||There's a strong connection between smoking and heart disease. |吸烟和心脏病密切相关。
||||The company has connections with a number of Japanese firms. |这家公司与很多日本公司有联系。
||<18>spectacular|a.|very impressive |壮观的;引人入胜的
||||a spectacular show of fireworks |烟花四散的壮观景象
||||The most spectacular goal of the match was scored by Harris. |比赛中最精彩的进球是哈里斯的射门。
|@|<19>fancy|a.|having a lot of decoration or bright colors |多装饰的;花哨的;别致的
||||I wanted a simple black dress, nothing fancy. |我想要一件样式简洁的黑礼服,不要花哨的东西。
||||Never mind all these fancy phrases—just tell us the plain facts. |不要使用什么华丽的辞藻,就告诉我们简单的事实。
|||n.|[sing.] a feeling of liking6 sb. or sth. |喜爱;迷恋
||||I think young Peter has taken quite a fancy to that girl next door. |我想小彼得已经迷上了隔壁的那个女孩子。
||||Living in the countryside was only Patricia's passing fancy. |到乡村定居不过是帕里西夏一时兴起的想法。
||<20>fossil|n.|[C] |化石
||||They are looking for fossils in the valley. |他们在峡谷中寻找化石。
||||Several dinosaur7 fossils were found in Yunnan. |在云南发现了几个恐龙化石。
||<21>patch|n.|[C] a small area of sth. that is different from the area around it |小块
||||The hotel walls were covered in damp patches. |旅馆的墙上满是潮迹。
||||There was only a tiny patch of blue in the cloudy sky. |多云的天空中只有一小片蓝天。
||<22>vanish|vi.|disappear or go suddenly out of sight |消失
||||The child vanished while on her way home after a game of tennis. |那个小女孩打完网球后在回家的路上不见了。
||||With a wave of his hand, the magician made the rabbit vanish. |魔术师手一挥就把兔子变没了。
||<23>fog|n.|[C, U] cloudy air near the ground which is hard to see through |雾
||||Thick fog has made driving conditions dangerous. |浓雾使得行车非常危险。
||||Freezing fogs and snow are common in this area. |这一地区浓雾和降雪是常事。
||<24>compress|vt.|force sth. into less space |压缩;压紧
||||Firmly compress the soil in the pot so that the plant is secure. |把盆里的泥土压紧,这样就能使植物固定。
||||I managed to compress ten pages of notes into four paragraphs. |我成功地把十页的笔记压缩成四个段落。
||<25>cement|n.|[U] |水泥
||||Two bags of cement were parked behind the fence. |两袋水泥放在围墙后面。
||||Builders have trouble getting the right amount of cement into their concrete. |建筑工人浇注混凝土时很难掌握水泥的正确用量。
||<26> <em>longing8</em>|n.|[sing., U] a strong feeling of wanting sth. |渴望
||||secret longings9 |暗藏心底的渴望
||||The boy looked with longing at the toys in the shop window. |那男孩眼巴巴地望着商店橱窗里的那些玩具。
|@|<27>warmth|n. |[U] a feeling of being warm |温暖
||||A baby's needs are quite basic—food, warmth, and love. |婴儿的需求是很基本的——食物、温暖和爱抚。
||||I've put a T-shirt on under my sweater for warmth. |我在毛衣里面穿了一件T恤,这样可以暖和点儿。
|@|<28>resist|vt.|prevent oneself from doing sth. |忍住;抗拒
||||Students should resist the temptation to play computer games. |学生应该抵制住玩电脑游戏的诱惑。
||||The party leader resisted the urge to give in to his opponents. |党派领导人拒绝了向对手让步的要求。
||<29>highway|n.|[C] a broad main road that joins one town to another |公路
||||I saw quite a few car accidents on the highway. |我在公路上见到了好几起车祸。
||||The highway from Shanghai to Suzhou is very busy. |上海至苏州的这条公路很繁忙。
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<30>without fail |with complete certainty |必定;总是
||  |He came to visit me every Thursday without fail. |他每星期四一定会来看我们。
||  |I'll pay you back 4,000 dollars without fail next month. |我下个月肯定还你那四千元钱。
||<31>as long as  |if; on condition that |假如,如果,只要
||  |As long as it doesn't rain we can play. |只要天不下雨,我们就能玩。
||  |I don't mind where you go as long as you don't get into any trouble. |只要你不惹麻烦,你去哪儿我都无所谓。
||<32>be free to do sth.  |be able to do whatever one wants |随意做某事
||  |John was free to pursue his own life in his own way. |约翰可以自由地用自己的方式追求自己的生活,不受拘束。
||  |You are free to go now since everything has been cleared up. |既然事情都弄清楚了,你可以离开了。
||<33>right away  |at once; without delay |立即,马上
||  |Now we must be off right away. It's eight already. |我们必须马上离开。已经八点钟了。
||  |I'm getting in touch with him right away. |我将马上和他取得联系。
||<34>more than (+adjective)  | (colloq.) very; extremely |十分,非常
||  |He was more than upset by the accident. |他为发生的事故十分不安。
||  |We were more than happy to hear of your recovery. |听说你恢复健康,我们特别高兴。
||<35>be thankful for  |be grateful for |对...心存感激
||  |You should always be thankful to your parents for giving you a good education. |你父母让你受到良好教育,你应该一直心怀感激。
||  |I am thankful for my good fortune. |我为自己的好运道心存感激之情。
<TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
||<36>Hollis Meynell   | |霍利斯·梅内尔(人名)
||<37>John Blandford   | |约翰·布兰福德(人名)


1 recording UktzJj     
  • How long will the recording of the song take?录下这首歌得花多少时间?
  • I want to play you a recording of the rehearsal.我想给你放一下彩排的录像。
2 aged 6zWzdI     
  • He had put on weight and aged a little.他胖了,也老点了。
  • He is aged,but his memory is still good.他已年老,然而记忆力还好。
3 cargo 6TcyG     
  • The ship has a cargo of about 200 ton.这条船大约有200吨的货物。
  • A lot of people discharged the cargo from a ship.许多人从船上卸下货物。
4 drawn MuXzIi     
  • All the characters in the story are drawn from life.故事中的所有人物都取材于生活。
  • Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside.她的目光禁不住被外面的风景所吸引。
5 smokers d3e72c6ca3bac844ba5aa381bd66edba     
吸烟者( smoker的名词复数 )
  • Many smokers who are chemically addicted to nicotine cannot cut down easily. 许多有尼古丁瘾的抽烟人不容易把烟戒掉。
  • Chain smokers don't care about the dangers of smoking. 烟鬼似乎不在乎吸烟带来的种种危害。
6 liking mpXzQ5     
  • The word palate also means taste or liking.Palate这个词也有“口味”或“嗜好”的意思。
  • I must admit I have no liking for exaggeration.我必须承认我不喜欢夸大其词。
7 dinosaur xuSxp     
  • Are you trying to tell me that David was attacked by a dinosaur?你是想要告诉我大卫被一支恐龙所攻击?
  • He stared at the faithful miniature of the dinosaur.他凝视著精确的恐龙缩小模型。
8 longing 98bzd     
  • Hearing the tune again sent waves of longing through her.再次听到那首曲子使她胸中充满了渴望。
  • His heart burned with longing for revenge.他心中燃烧着急欲复仇的怒火。
9 longings 093806503fd3e66647eab74915c055e7     
渴望,盼望( longing的名词复数 )
  • Ah, those foolish days of noble longings and of noble strivings! 啊,那些充满高贵憧憬和高尚奋斗的傻乎乎的时光!
  • I paint you and fashion you ever with my love longings. 我永远用爱恋的渴想来描画你。
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