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刘毅词汇 5000 lesson 8

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1.Abrupt1 adj. 1.突然的 同:sudden 2.陡峭的
He made an abrupt turn to avoid hitting another car.
The road made an abrupt rise up the hill.

2.Acknowledge 承认 同:admit 函谢;承认收到
I am sure that she will soon acknowledge her own faults.
We should always acknowledge gifts as soon as we receive them.

3.Beware v.小心 同:heed
You should beware of bad companions; they may corrupt2 you.

4.Dwell v.定居 同:reside
They dwell in the country but work in the city.

5.Endow v. 1.捐赠 同:donate 2.赋予
The rich man endowed the college he had attended.
Nature endowed her with both a good mind and good looks.

6.Pathetic adj.可怜的 同:pitible
The lost child I met on the street was very pathetic.

7.Reap v.收割 同:harvest
Giant machines reap the wheat grown in the field.

8.Reproach v.责备 同:scold
When he came home drunk, his wife reproached him with a loud angry voice.

9.Rigorous adj. 1.严酷的 同:rigid3 2.严密的
Rigorous exercise can damage health instead of improving it.
He made a rigorous study of the plants in the tropical area.

10.Sustain v.支持 同:maintain
The large columns sustained the weight of the roof.

11.Torment4 v.使痛苦 同:annoy
She is often tormented5 with violent headaches.

12.Abolish v.废止 反:establish
Slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865.

13.Anguish6 n.痛苦的 反:comfort
The injured soldier moaned in anguish until the doctor arrived.

14.Awkward adj. 1.笨拙的 反:skillful 2.不方便的
He needs a great deal of driving practice; he is still awkward with his car.
The meeting was at nine o’clock, which was an awkward time for many people.

15.Bliss7 n.极大的幸福 反:misery
What bliss it is to be able to lie in bed instead of working.

16.Expenditure8 n.费用 反:income
Such a great work requires the expenditure of much money and time.

17.Primitive9 adj.原始的 反:modern
Primitive people lived in caves and made tools from stones and animal bones.

18.Prolong v.延长 反:reduce
The old woman’s life was prolonged by the doctor’s good care.

19.Rural adj.乡村的 反:urban
They lived in a small rural community.

20.Suspend v.暂停 反:continue
The hurricane suspended all ferry service for there days.

21.Undistinguished adj.不著名的 反:prominent
The book is very interesting although it was written by an undistinguished author.

22.Concession10 n.让步
To reach agreement, both sides must make concessions11.

23.Deceit n.欺骗;诡计
The merchant always used deceit in his business dealings.

24.Dedicate v.奉献
The land on which the battle of Gettysburg was fought was dedicated12 to the soldiers who had died there.

25.Dizzy adj.晕眩的
When you spin round and round, and stop suddenly, you feel dizzy.

26.Economical adj.经济的;节约的
A good manager should be economical in the use of his funds.

27.Infect v.传染
She infected the whole class with her influenza13.

28.Intolerant adj.不宽容的
The old man did not smoke himself and was so intolerant that he did not allow his friends to smoke when they visited him.

29.Respective adj.各自的
The party ended and we all went off to our respective rooms.

30.Scholar n.学者
He was respected as a great scholar of history.

31.Technique n.技巧
The pianist’s technique was excellent, though his interpretation14 of the work was poor.

32.Tedious adj.冗长乏味的
The long wait at the airport was really tedious.

33.Bristle15 v.(毛发)竖立
He was so frightened that his hair seemed to bristle.

34.Commodity n.商品
Price of household commodities have risen since the war began.

35.Dispatch v.派遣
The captain dispatched a boat to bring a doctor on board the ship.

36.Formal adj.正式的
You must write a formal acceptance to this invitation.

37.Frantic16 adj.疯狂的
Frantic efforts were made escape the sinking ship.

38.Heave v.用力举起
He heaved the heavy box into the wagon17.

39.Hemisphere n.半球
North America and South America are in the Western Hemisphere.

40.Install v. 1.装设 2.使就位
The new owner of the house installed a telephone.
The cat installed itself in a chair near the fireplace.

41.Lash18 n.鞭策
I gave my horse a lash that sounded through the forest.

42.Pension n.养老金
He will start receiving a pensive19 when he retires at sixty.

43.Scope n.范围
This book has greater scope than others on the same subject.

44.Species n.种
The wolf and the dog belong to the same species.


1.We could not bear to listen to the sick child’s _____ cries from pain.
2.This wooden shelf cannot _____ the weight of all these books.
3.Teachers are often _____ by the students’ stupid questions.
4.She was in _____ until the doctor set her broken leg.
5.Bow and spears are _____ weapons.
6.If war could be _____ ,armies and navies would be unnecessary.
7.A long talk that you cannot understand is _____.
8.My husband and I are each going to visit our _____ mothers.
9.The mother was _____ with grief when she heard that her child was dead.
10.Wine is one of the many _____ that France sells abroad.

1. pathetic 2. sustain 3.tormented 4. anguish 5. primitive
 6.abolished 7. tedious 8.respective 9. frantic 10.commodities


1 abrupt 2fdyh     
  • The river takes an abrupt bend to the west.这河突然向西转弯。
  • His abrupt reply hurt our feelings.他粗鲁的回答伤了我们的感情。
2 corrupt 4zTxn     
  • The newspaper alleged the mayor's corrupt practices.那家报纸断言市长有舞弊行为。
  • This judge is corrupt.这个法官贪污。
3 rigid jDPyf     
  • She became as rigid as adamant.她变得如顽石般的固执。
  • The examination was so rigid that nearly all aspirants were ruled out.考试很严,几乎所有的考生都被淘汰了。
4 torment gJXzd     
  • He has never suffered the torment of rejection.他从未经受过遭人拒绝的痛苦。
  • Now nothing aggravates me more than when people torment each other.没有什么东西比人们的互相折磨更使我愤怒。
5 tormented b017cc8a8957c07bc6b20230800888d0     
  • The knowledge of his guilt tormented him. 知道了自己的罪责使他非常痛苦。
  • He had lain awake all night, tormented by jealousy. 他彻夜未眠,深受嫉妒的折磨。
6 anguish awZz0     
  • She cried out for anguish at parting.分手时,她由于痛苦而失声大哭。
  • The unspeakable anguish wrung his heart.难言的痛苦折磨着他的心。
7 bliss JtXz4     
  • It's sheer bliss to be able to spend the day in bed.整天都可以躺在床上真是幸福。
  • He's in bliss that he's won the Nobel Prize.他非常高兴,因为获得了诺贝尔奖金。
8 expenditure XPbzM     
  • The entry of all expenditure is necessary.有必要把一切开支入账。
  • The monthly expenditure of our family is four hundred dollars altogether.我们一家的开销每月共计四百元。
9 primitive vSwz0     
  • It is a primitive instinct to flee a place of danger.逃离危险的地方是一种原始本能。
  • His book describes the march of the civilization of a primitive society.他的著作描述了一个原始社会的开化过程。
10 concession LXryY     
  • We can not make heavy concession to the matter.我们在这个问题上不能过于让步。
  • That is a great concession.这是很大的让步。
11 concessions 6b6f497aa80aaf810133260337506fa9     
n.(尤指由政府或雇主给予的)特许权( concession的名词复数 );承认;减价;(在某地的)特许经营权
  • The firm will be forced to make concessions if it wants to avoid a strike. 要想避免罢工,公司将不得不作出一些让步。
  • The concessions did little to placate the students. 让步根本未能平息学生的愤怒。
12 dedicated duHzy2     
  • He dedicated his life to the cause of education.他献身于教育事业。
  • His whole energies are dedicated to improve the design.他的全部精力都放在改进这项设计上了。
13 influenza J4NyD     
  • They took steps to prevent the spread of influenza.他们采取措施
  • Influenza is an infectious disease.流感是一种传染病。
14 interpretation P5jxQ     
  • His statement admits of one interpretation only.他的话只有一种解释。
  • Analysis and interpretation is a very personal thing.分析与说明是个很主观的事情。
15 bristle gs1zo     
  • It has a short stumpy tail covered with bristles.它粗短的尾巴上鬃毛浓密。
  • He bristled with indignation at the suggestion that he was racist.有人暗示他是个种族主义者,他对此十分恼火。
16 frantic Jfyzr     
  • I've had a frantic rush to get my work done.我急急忙忙地赶完工作。
  • He made frantic dash for the departing train.他发疯似地冲向正开出的火车。
17 wagon XhUwP     
  • We have to fork the hay into the wagon.我们得把干草用叉子挑进马车里去。
  • The muddy road bemired the wagon.马车陷入了泥泞的道路。
18 lash a2oxR     
  • He received a lash of her hand on his cheek.他突然被她打了一记耳光。
  • With a lash of its tail the tiger leaped at her.老虎把尾巴一甩朝她扑过来。
19 pensive 2uTys     
  • He looked suddenly sombre,pensive.他突然看起来很阴郁,一副忧虑的样子。
  • He became so pensive that she didn't like to break into his thought.他陷入沉思之中,她不想打断他的思路。
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