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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第二册 Unit 2a

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  <TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
  ||<1>pat    |vt.|touch sb. or sth. lightly and repeatedly with a flat hand |轻拍
  ||    ||The teacher patted the student on his shoulder, encouraging him to try harder next time. |老师在学生的肩膀上拍了拍,鼓励他下次更加努力些。
  ||    ||The little boy felt uncomfortable whenever people patted him on the head. |每次人们拍他的头时,小男孩总是感到不舒服。
  ||    |n.|[C] a friendly act of touching sb. or sth. with a flat hand |轻拍
  ||    ||Jim used to give his dog a pat before he left for work in the morning. |吉姆以前常常在早上离家上班前拍拍他的狗。
  ||    ||My boss gave me a pat on the back to show his satisfaction with my work. |老板在我背上拍了一下,以示对我的工作很满意。
  |@|<2>presence  |n.|[U] the fact or state of being present |在场;出席
  ||    ||Your presence is requested. |敬请光临。
  ||    ||I should have dressed myself more formally tonight. I wish nobody would notice my presence! |今晚我本该穿得更正式些的。真希望没有人会注意到我的存在!
  |@|<3>promising  |a.|showing signs of being successful in the future |有前途的;有希望的
  ||    ||The promising student couldn't go on with his studies because his family was too poor to afford it. |因为家境贫穷无法供他求学,这个本来很有前途的学生无法继续读书了。
  ||    ||I would like to work in a promising company like yours. |我希望在如贵公司一样有前途的公司里就职。
  ||<4>amateur    |a.|doing sth. just for pleasure; not professional |业余的
  ||    ||My elder brother is an amateur photographer, but he really takes very nice pictures. |我哥哥是个业余摄影师,但他拍的照片真的很棒。
  ||    ||The amateur football players meet twice a week for practice. |这些业余足球运动员每周集训两次。
  ||    |n. |[C] sb. who does sth. just for pleasure |业余爱好者
  ||    ||Only amateurs will be allowed to participate in this match. |只有业余爱好者才能参加此项比赛。
  ||    ||Some amateurs can perform at such a high level that even professionals sing high praise for them. |有些业余爱好者表现得非常好,即使那些专业人员都对他们大加赞叹。
  ||<5> <em>skier</em> |n.    |[C] a person who skis |滑雪者
  ||    ||an amateur skier |业余滑雪运动员
  ||<6>session    |n.|1. [C] a period of time used for a particular purpose |(从事某项活动的)一段时间
  ||    ||There will be a question-and-answer session before the final examination. |期末考试前会有一堂答疑课。
  ||    ||Can you get two tickets for the guitar session? |你能弄到两张吉它演奏会的门票吗?
  ||    ||2. [C] a formal meeting |会议
  ||    ||This year's session of Congress was unusually long. |今年国会的会期特别长。
  ||    ||Can you tell me when the next session of Parliament will begin? |你能告诉我议会下一次会议何时召开吗?
  |@|<7>amusing    |a. |able to make people laugh or smile; interesting |有趣的
  ||    ||His amusing answer made all of us laugh. |他有趣的回答把我们大家都逗笑了。
  ||    ||I didn't even smile after he told his joke. I didn't find it amusing at all. |他讲完笑话后我甚至都没微笑一下。我觉得那一点都不有趣。
  |@|<8>lower    |vt.|1. reduce sth. in amount, price, degree, strength, etc. |减少;降低
  ||    ||The price will be lowered from $150 to $100 to attract more customers. |为了吸引更多的顾客,价格将从150 美元降到100美元。
  ||    ||The baby has just fallen asleep. Would you please lower your voice? |宝宝刚入睡,你能声音轻些吗?
  ||    ||2. move sb. or sth. down from a higher position |降下
  ||    ||National flags were lowered to half-mast in memory of this great man. |国旗下半旗以纪念这位伟人。
  ||    ||The old man lowered his hand so that the pigeons could eat the corn out of his palm. |老人把手放低了些,让鸽子能吃到他掌心的玉米粒。
  ||<9>anniversary|n.|[C] a date on which sth. special or important happened in a previous year |周年纪念日
  ||    ||The couple were thinking of a romantic dinner for their wedding anniversary. |夫妇俩正考虑去吃一顿浪漫的晚餐来庆祝结婚周年纪念日。
  ||    ||It will be the 50th anniversary of the foundation of this nation tomorrow. |明天将是这个国家建立五十周年纪念日。
  ||<10>woolen    |a.|(BrE woollen) made of wool |羊毛的
  ||    ||a woolen scarf |羊毛围巾
  ||    ||a woolen coat |羊毛外套
  ||<11>romantic  |a.|relating to feelings of love or a loving relationship |浪漫的
  ||    ||The woman writer is famous for her romantic love stories. |这为女作家因她所著的浪漫爱情小说而闻名。
  ||    ||Everything looked quite romantic under the night sky dotted with thousands of stars. |在繁星点点的夜空下,一切都显得很浪漫。
  ||<12>gratitude |n.|[U] the feeling of being grateful |感激;谢意
  ||    ||I showed my gratitude to Susan by sending her a box of chocolate. |我给苏珊送了盒巧克力以示谢意。
  ||    ||I owe a debt of gratitude to you. I couldn't have achieved anything without your support. |我真得感谢你们。没有你们的支持,我不可能做成任何事情。
  ||<13> <em>perceptivity</em>   |n.    |[U] the ability of being quick to notice and understand |知觉;理解力
  ||    ||You can always sense her perceptivity whenever she makes comments on something. |每次她就某事发表评论时,你总能感觉到她敏锐的洞察力。
  ||    ||The writer is worth admiring for his outstanding perceptivity and memory. |这位作家因其超群的洞察力和记忆力而值得钦佩。
  ||<14>ski    |vi.|slide over snow on skis, as a sport or a way of traveling |滑雪
  ||    ||Salt Lake City will be a good choice if you want to go skiing. |如果你们想去滑雪,盐湖城会是个不错的选择。
  ||    ||We had a great time skiing in the mountains last weekend. |上周末我们在山上滑雪,玩得十分开心。
  ||<15>massive   |a.|large in size, quantity, degree, etc. |大的;严重的
  ||    ||They made massive efforts to carry out the research with limited budget. |他们作了大量的努力,用有限的预算进行着研究。
  ||    ||I was impressed by the massive walls surrounding that ancient city. |环绕古城四周的高大的围墙给我留下了深刻的印象。
  ||<16>fatigue  |vt. |make sb. tired |使疲劳
  ||    ||Having been climbing the mountain for two hours, we all felt fatigued. |我们已经连续爬了两小时的山,都感到很疲惫。
  ||    ||Whenever he felt fatigued, he got angry easily. |他每次感觉疲惫时都很容易发怒。
  ||    |n.|[U] great tiredness |疲乏,疲劳
  ||    ||The girl looked pale with fatigue after the long journey. |长途跋涉之后,那女孩因疲惫而脸色苍白。
  ||    ||I ran for another two kilometers before I stopped because of fatigue. |我在感觉疲惫而停下来之前,又跑了两千米。
  |★|<17>clearing  |n.|[C] a small area where there are no trees, esp. in a forest |(林中)空地
  ||    ||They found a clearing in the forest and took a rest there. |他们发现了一小块空地,在那里休息了一下。
  |@|<18>approximately |ad.   |about; nearly |大约,大概
  ||    ||She has lost approximately 10 pounds since I met her last time. |从我上次遇见她后,她已经减了大约十磅体重。
  ||    ||The train will arrive in approximately five minutes. |火车大概五分钟后到达。
  ||<19>breeze    |n.|[C] a light wind |微风,和风
  ||    ||Colorful flags danced in the breeze. |微风中彩旗飘舞。
  ||    ||The warm spring breeze kisses the earth and the green grass grows. |和煦的春风亲吻大地,绿草儿长了出来。
  ||<20>powder    |n.|[C, U] a kind of substance in the form of very fine dry grains |粉末;粉状物
  ||    ||baby powder |婴儿爽身粉
  ||    ||milk powder |奶粉
  ||<21>fuss    |v.|(about, over) complain over small matters |(因小事)抱怨;小题大做
  ||    ||I'm afraid you're fussing too much about your health. Just follow the doctor's advice and you'll be fine. |恐怕你过于关注你的健康了。听从医生的建议, 你的身体就不会有问题的。
  ||    ||Don't fuss; we will solve this problem for you immediately. |不要大惊小怪的,我们会马上替你解决这个问题。
  ||    |n.|[sing., U] a lot of unnecessary worry or excitement about sth. |小题大做;大惊小怪
  ||    ||Why are you making so much fuss over losing 100 yuan? |你为什么对丢了100元钱如此小题大做呢?
  ||    ||Why is she so excited? She must be making a fuss about nothing again. |她为什么这么激动?肯定又是在为一些无谓的事情大惊小怪。
  ||<22>indifferent |a. |(to) not interested in; not caring |漠不关心的;冷漠的
  ||    ||Seeing his sick mother lying on the bed, his manner was rather indifferent. |看到他生病的母亲躺在床上,他的态度十分冷漠。
  ||    ||Many girls wear skirts in the winter, seeming indifferent to the cold. |很多女孩在冬天穿着裙子,看上去对寒冷毫不在意。
  ||<23>rebel    |vi.|(against) fight against sb. in authority or against an idea or situation |造反;反叛;反抗
  ||    ||The poor rebelled against the emperor but were defeated quite soon. |穷人起来反抗皇帝,但很快就被镇压了。
  ||    ||Her parents wanted her to become a doctor, but she rebelled and went to study in a normal university. |她父母希望她能当一名医生,但她却不听从他们的意见上了一所师范大学。
  ||    |n.|[C] a person who rebels |造反者,反叛者,反抗者
  ||    ||No one would believe that the priest was one of the anti-government rebels. |没有人会相信神父是反政府分子的一员。
  ||    ||Duke is kind of a rebel; he never does a thing the way most people do it. |杜克是个叛逆者;他从来不以大多数人的方式做事。
  ||<24> <em>rebellious</em> |a.|opposing people in authority or rules of behavior |反叛的;反抗的
  ||    ||The experienced teacher knew how to deal with some students' rebellious behavior. |这个经验丰富的老师知道怎样处理有些学生叛逆性的行为。
  ||    ||If you just swear at your boy whenever he does something wrong, he might become more and more rebellious. |如果你儿子每次做了错事后你只是对他加以责骂,他可能变得越来越叛逆。
  ||<25>bachelor  |n.|1. [C] an unmarried man |未婚男子
  ||    ||I don't like the idea of getting married, so I will remain a bachelor all my life. |我不喜欢结婚,所以我会一辈子单身。
  ||    ||She rented a bachelor flat and settled down. |她租了套单身公寓,安顿了下来。
  ||    ||2. [C] a first university degree |学士(学位)
  ||    ||a Bachelor of Science |理学士
  ||    ||a Bachelor of Arts |文学士
  ||<26> <em>low-budget</em> |a.|not spending much money |预算低的;花费不多的
  ||    ||Lucy is planning for a low-budget trip around Europe this summer holiday. |露西正计划今年暑假花不多的钱去欧洲旅游一趟。
  ||    ||Though they are not rich, Lesley set aside some money every month for a low-budget dinner outside, which was a great pleasure for the whole family. |虽然他们并不富裕,莱斯莉每月都留出一点钱大家出去吃一顿花费不太大的晚餐,这对全家人来说都是一件开心的事。
  |@|<27>shift    |v.|change position or direction; move from one place to another |转移;移动;变换
  ||    ||Julie shifted her position slightly and smiled. |朱莉稍微换了一下姿势,笑了。
  ||    ||The emphasis has shifted in recent years. |最近几年重点发生了变化。
  |▲|<28>makeshift |a.|used at the time because there is nothing better |权宜的;暂时的
  ||    ||He couldn't find his way before it got dark, so he decided to find a makeshift shelter for the night. |他无法在天黑前找到路,所以决定先找个临时的过夜之处。
  ||    ||This is just a makeshift plan for the moment; we may work out a better one. |这只是个临时计划,我们可能还会制订更好的。
  ||<29>stack    |vt. |put things so that they stand one on top of another |堆放
  ||    ||The postman was stacking the packages up against the wall. |邮递员正把包裹靠墙堆放起来。
  ||    ||We just moved in, so the floor is still stacked with boxes.|我们刚搬进来,所以地板上还到处堆放着箱子。
  |@|<30>sticky    |a.|made of or containing material which can stick to sth. else |黏的;黏性的
  ||    ||The mother asked her boy not to touch her skirt with his sticky fingers. |妈妈让儿子别用黏糊糊的手指碰她的裙子。
  ||    ||Your hand will get sticky if you hold chocolate in it. |如果你把巧克力拿在手里,手会发黏的。
  ||<31>mate    |n.|[C] a fellow workman or friend |伙伴,同伴
  ||    ||workmate |同事
  ||    ||schoolmate |同校同学
  ||<32> <em>teammate</em>|n.|[C] a fellow person in a team |队友
  ||    ||I practiced with some of my teammates every day even after the training session was over. |即使在集训期结束以后,我还是每天和一些队友一起训练。
  ||    ||Dale seems to be good at cooperating with his teammates. |戴尔看来很善于和队友合作。
  ||<33>assert    |vt.|state or declare sth. firmly |断言;声称
  ||    ||Ada asserted that the short man was the one who attacked her that night. |埃达断言那个矮个子男人就是那天晚上袭击她的人。
  ||    ||The man asserted his innocence, but I didn't think he was worth trusting. |那个男人坚持说自己是无辜的,可我认为他不值得信任。
  ||<34>napkin    |n.|[C] |餐巾(纸)
  ||    ||It's important to make proper use of napkin in a formal dinner. |正式的宴会上,正确使用餐巾十分重要。
  |@|<35>swear    ||(swore, sworn) |
  ||    |vi.|(at) curse |咒骂
  ||    ||The boss swore at the waitress when she broke a plate. |女服务员打破了一只盘子,老板就咒骂起她来。
  ||    ||The man swore at the dog barking at him. |男人咒骂着对他吼叫的狗。
  ||    |vt.|make a promise to do sth. |发誓
  ||    ||All soldiers swore to fight for the independence of their nation. |所有的士兵宣誓为国家的独立而战。
  ||    ||The maid swore she would never tell the secret to anybody. |女仆发誓永远不会把这个秘密告诉任何人。
  ||<36>damn    |a.| |该死的;讨厌的
  ||    ||I can't open the damn window. |我打不开这该死的窗户。
  |@|<37>unfair    |a.|not right or just |不公平的;不公正的
  ||    ||It is unfair that all of us got punished for the mistake made by one of us. |我们因为一个人犯错而全体受罚,很不公平。
  ||    ||Angered by the unfair treatment, they asked for an apology. |不公正待遇使得他们很生气,要求对方赔礼道歉。
  ||<38> <em>outburst</em> |n.|[C] a sudden expression of a strong emotion, esp. anger |爆发
  ||    ||Hearing an outburst of weeping from the neighboring apartment, I realized the husband was abusing his wife again. |听到隔壁公寓里传出一阵抽泣声,我意识到那个丈夫又在虐待自己的妻子了。
  ||    ||I knocked at my sisters' room, wondering what had caused an outburst of laughter there. |我敲了敲姐妹们的房门,想知道是什么引起了里面的一阵哄然大笑。
  ||<39>passion   |n.|[C, U] a strong feeling about sth. or a strong liking for sth. |激情;热情
  ||    ||The young couple kissed each other with passion before they said “goodbye” to each other. |那对年轻夫妇深情相吻,然后互道再见。
  ||    ||Working with passion and devotion, Baron got promoted quickly. |巴伦工作热情又投入,很快得到了提升。
  |@|<40>persist  |v. |continue to do sth. in spite of opposition or warning |坚持
  ||    ||I'm afraid he cannot stay here any longer—he simply persists in causing trouble to us. |恐怕他不能再呆在这儿了──他根本就是不停地在给我们惹麻烦。
  ||    ||It seems that you persist in trying to annoy me. What is your purpose for doing this? |看来你坚持要惹我生气。你这样做的目的是什么?
  ||    |vi.|continue to exist or happen |继续存在或发生
  ||    ||All kinds of rumors about the high official's divorce persisted for quite a long time. |有关这位高官离婚的种种传闻流传了相当长的一段时间。
  ||    ||The drought persisted for months and people prayed to Heaven for rain. |干旱持续了几个月,人们祈求天神降雨。
  |@|<41>frown    |vi.|make an angry, unhappy, or confused expression, moving the eyebrows together |皱眉
  ||    ||Trying to concentrate on his study, Jim frowned at the noises from outside. |吉姆正努力集中精力学习,外面的噪音让他不快地皱起了眉头。
  ||    ||The boss frowned all the time as he read the financial report of the company. |老板阅读公司财务报告时一直皱着眉头。
  ||<42>billion   |num.|(AmE) |十亿
  ||    ||Currently, China has a population of about 1.3 billion. |中国现今人口约13亿。
  |@|<43>rank    |vi.|have a particular position in a list of people or things |位于...等级(或地位)
  ||    ||Our success in research ranked as one of the greatest achievements in this field. |我们在研究上取得的成功被列为该领域最大的成就之一。
  ||    ||Some high-ranking officials will make an inspection to our university next Monday. |一些高官将于下周一视察我校。
  ||    |vt.|decide the position of sb. or sth. based on importance or quality |排列
  ||    ||All fruits were ranked neatly in the boxes. |水果全都整整齐齐地排列在盒子里。
  ||    ||Ranking the shoes in the shop window, the assistant didn't even look up at me when I talked to her. |售货员正在排列橱窗里的鞋,我和她说话时她都没抬头看我。
  ||    |n.|[C, U] the position or level that sb. holds in an organization;one's social position |职位;社会地位
  ||    ||He held the rank of Chief Executive Officer. |他担任首席执行官一职。
  ||    ||He dreamed of marrying a woman from a family of rank and thus paving the way for him later entering the upper circle. |他梦想着娶一位名门之后,以便为自己日后进入上层社会铺平道路。
  ||<44> <em>ranking</em> |n.|[C] a position on a scale that shows how good sb. or sth. is when compared with others |排名;级别
  ||    ||He has the poorest ranking in his class. |他在班里排名最后。
  |■|<45>indissoluble |a.  |impossible to destroy |坚不可摧的
  ||    ||The tie between these two nations seemed indissoluble for a time, but it broke easily after the dispute. |这两个国家之间的关系一度看来是牢不可破的,但由于这一争端轻易就破裂了。
  ||    ||The indissoluble friendship between us is the thing I value most in the world. |我们之间深厚的友谊是我在这世界上最为看重的东西。
  |@|<46>bond    |n.|[C] sth. that unites two or more people, such as love, a shared interest, etc. |联系;纽带
  ||    ||Though the twins quarrel with each other sometimes, they can always feel a close bond between them. |虽然这对双胞胎有时相互争吵,但他们总能感到彼此密切相连。
  ||    ||That experience resulted in a special bond between the two strangers. |那次经历使得两个陌生人之间形成了一种特殊的关系。
  ||<47>tropical  |a.|relating to the tropics |热带的
  ||    ||Tropical flowers are very expensive in this market. |这个市场里热带花卉卖得非常贵。
  ||    ||Enjoying my winter holiday in a tropical area, I could hardly imagine it had been constantly snowing in my hometown. |在热带地区度寒假的时候,我很难想象我的家乡一直在下雪。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<48>next to   |beside or very near to sb. or sth. |靠近;接近
  ||       |I put these two pictures next to each other for comparison. |我把两张照片放到一起来比较。
  ||       |The mysterious villa stood silently next to a church. |那栋神秘的别墅静立在教堂旁边。
  ||<49>in sb.'s presence/in the presence of sb. |in the same place as sb. |有某人在场
  ||       |I wonder why this young man always seems nervous in my presence. |我不知道为什么这个年轻人在我面前总显得很紧张。
  ||       |You should be a gentleman in the presence of ladies. |在女士们面前你应该表现得像个绅士。
  ||<50>by no means |(used to emphasize a negative statement) not at all |决不,决非
  ||       |I will by no means tell the secret to him without your permission. |不经你的许可我决不会把秘密告诉他。
  ||       |He is by no means the richest person in this neighborhood. |他决不是这个地区的首富。
  ||<51>count on  |depend on |依靠;依赖;指望
  ||       |You cannot count on others for your own future. |你自己的将来不能指望别人。
  ||       |You can always count on him; he is such a reliable person. |你总能依靠他;他非常让人信赖。
  ||<52>on one occasion |once |有一次
  ||       |On one occasion, she wore an improper dress to my birthday party. |她有一次穿了一件极不合适的衣服来参加我的生日聚会。
  ||       |On one occasion, she was robbed when she went home late from the office.|她有一次很晚从公司回家时遭到了抢劫。
  ||<53>come upon |meet sb. or find sth. by chance |偶然遇见;偶然发现
  ||       |I came upon my favorite singer at the airport. |我在机场偶然遇见了自己最喜欢的歌手。
  ||       |We came upon a shabby wooden house in the middle of the wood. |我们偶然发现在树林中央有一所破旧的木屋。
  ||<54>pack into |put in a very small place |塞进;使挤入
  ||       |She was trying to pack everything into the cupboard. |她正试着把所有的东西都塞进小橱里。
  ||       |Believing that she would never come back, Susan packed her belongings into two suitcases and left. |苏珊把她的东西塞进两只行李箱后离开了,相信自己永远都不会再回来了。
  ||<55>take notice of |notice |注意到
  ||       |Have you taken notice of his strange behavior today? |你有没有注意到他今天奇怪的行为?
  ||       |Father seemed to take little notice of my unhappiness and sat down for his supper. |父亲看来没注意到我的不快,坐下来吃晚饭了。
  ||<56>sing out|shout or sing some words clearly and loudly |(大声清晰地) 喊出 (或唱出)
  ||       |We all sang out our wishes for the future at the top of the mountain. |在山顶,我们都大声说出了对未来的期望。
  ||       |Joan sang out her plan, believing that it was much better than others'. |琼相信她的计划比其他人的要好得多,于是就大声说了出来。
  ||<57>point out|tell sb. sth. |指出
  ||       |It has been pointed out that students need more time for relaxation. |已经有人指出学生需要更多的时间休息娱乐。
  ||       |When we drove along the river, the guide pointed out some places of interest. |沿着河边行驶的时候,向导把几处名胜指给我们看。
  ||<58>reflect on|think deeply about; consider carefully |仔细考虑
  ||       |After reflecting on the problem for some time, he worked out a solution and then felt relieved.| 仔细考虑这个问题后他想出了一个解决办法,这时他才感觉松了口气。
  ||       |Each time she reflected on the good old days, she couldn't help complaining about her present difficulties. |每次她想起旧日的美好时光,总禁不住为目前的困境而抱怨。
  ||<59>in advance|doing something before a particular date or event |事先,预先
  ||       |We are always quite full at this season of the year, so we suggest you book a room in advance. |每年的这个季节我们酒店总是很满,所以建议您提前预订房间。
  ||       |We will send you our latest price list so that you can make a study of it in advance. |我们会寄给您最新的价格单以供您事先研究一下。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<60>Nikolai Petrovich Anikin | |尼克莱·彼德罗维奇·安尼金(人名)
  ||<61>Nagano | |长野(日本城市名)
  ||<62>Salt Lake City | |盐湖城(美国犹他州首府)

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