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刘毅词汇 5000 lesson 5

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1.Anticipate v.预期 同:expect
Mother anticipated my hunger and baked cookies for me.

2.Aspire1 v.渴望 同:desire
In his childhood, he aspired2 to become a great general.

3.Attorney n.律师 同:lawyer
The court appointed and attorney for the accused man.

4.Counsel 1.n.忠告 同:advice 2.v.劝告
They refused to listen to the old man’s counsel.
They counseled against travelling at night in such a dangerous country.

5.Falter3 v.1.动摇;胆怯 同:hesitate 2.蹒跚而行
The soldiers faltered4 for a moment as their captain fell.
The sick man faltered for few steps, and then fell down.

6.Ghastly adj.可怕的 同:ghostlike
After a sleepless5 night, she looked very ghastly.

7.Gratitude6 n.感激 同:thankfulness
She showed me her gratitude by inviting7 me to dinner.

8.Plume8 n.羽毛 同:feather
The rooster lost one of his plumes9 in the fight with the cat.

9.Promote v.1.升迁 同:advance 2.促进
The young army officer was promoted to captain.
An understanding of the culture of other countries may promote peace.

10.Shudder10 v.战栗 同:shrive
She shuddered11 at the sight of the dead body.

11.Swamp n.沼泽 同:marsh
The land is useless growing crops; it’s mainly swamp.

12.Terrific adj.1.可怕的 同:awful 2.极好的
The terrific storm destroyed most of the houses in the city.
It was such a terrific party that I didn’t feel like going back home.

13.Villain12 n.恶棍 同:rogue
The villain was caught by the police and brought to trial.

14.Absent-minded adj.心不在焉的 反:attentive
The absent-minded man put salt in his coffee and sugar on his egg.

15.Acute adj.敏感的 反:dull
A dog has a very acute sense of smell.

16.Entry 1.入口 反:exit 2.进入
Leave the boxes in the entry and we will carry them up latter.
His sudden entry startled all of us.

17.Immigrate13 v.迁入 反:emigrate
During the 1800’s many thousands of people from Europe immigrated14 into the United States to make a new home.

18.Intensify15 v.加强 反:weaken
My first failure only intensified16 my desire to succeed.

19.Invariable adj.不变的 反:inconstant
After dinner it was his invariable habit to take a nap for a while.

20.Latitude17 n.纬度 反:longitude
One degree of latitude on the earth’s surface equals almost 70 miles.

21.Secondhand adj.用过的;旧的 反:new
The books in the secondhand bookstore are very cheap.

22.Specify18 v.详尽陈述 反:outline
Please specify when you will be at home tomorrow.

23.Trivial adj.不重要的 反:important
Your composition has only a few trivial mistakes.

24.Vulgar adj.粗俗的 反:noble
She is a very vulgar woman to shout like that at the top of her voice.

25.Accommodate v.1.容纳 n. accommodation 2.适应
The airplane is large enough to accommodate over 400 passengers.
We have to accommodate ourselves to our changed circumstances.

26.Bewilder v.迷惑 bewilderment
The old woman from the country was bewildered by the crowds and traffic in the big city.

27.Circulate v.流通 n. circulation
Money circulates as it goes from person to person.

28.Deceive v.欺骗 n. deception
I trust him because I know he would never deceive me.

29.Define v.下定义 n. definition
Some words are hard to define because they have many different uses.

30.Disrupt v.使分裂;使中断 n. disruption
The accident disrupted railway service into and out of the city.

31.Heredity n.遗传 adj. hereditary
Some disease develop because of the bad conditions one lives in and others are present by heredity.

32.Myth n.神话 adj. mythical
There are many myths about how the world first began.

33.Outrage19 n.暴行;迫害 adj. outrageous
The use of atomic bombs would be an outrage against humanity.

34.Patriot20 n.爱国者 adj. patriotic
Many patriots21 died while fighting in the war for independence.

35.Penetrate22 v.穿过 n. penetration
A bullet can penetrate this board, or two inches into that wall.

36.Restrict v.限制 n. restriction
In the United States the sale of liquor is restricted to people over twenty-one years old.

37.Temperament23 n.性情;资质 adj. temperamental
Whether a person likes sports or not depends largely upon his temperament.

38.Blink v.1.眨眼 2.闪烁
She blinked her eyes as the bright light shone on her.
As the ship drew near to port in the darkness, we could see the lights blinking on land.

39.Earthquake n.地震
Many buildings were damaged or completely destroyed by the earthquake last night.

40.Exploit 1.n.功绩 2.v.开发
The sergeant24 won the Medal of Honor for his exploits during the Korean War.
They are planning to exploit the oil under the sea.

41.Famine n.饥荒
Many people died of hunger during the famine in India.

42.Fraud n.欺骗
He carried out a number of frauds on trusting people who lent him money.

43.Murmur25 v.低吟
The children murmured as they memorized the poem.

44.Patrol v.巡逻
Policemen patrol the city day and night so as to protect the lives and properties of the citizens.

45.Prime adj.首要的
Safety is a matter of prime importance.

46.Recess26 n.休息期间
There will be a short recess before the next meeting.

47.Reptile27 n.爬虫类
Some reptiles28, such as snakes or lizards29, move very fast.

48.Rustle30 v.发沙沙声
Her long silk dress rustled31 as she walked down the stairs.

49.Scowl32 v.蹙额
He scowled33 at me when I asked for more money.

50.Wretch34 n.可怜的人
The poor wretch asked for food and place to sleep in.


1. A good secretary ____ her employ’s needs and always prepares for them.
2. The farmer will drain the _____ so that he can plant crops there.
3. Pupils who pass the test will be _____ to the next higher grade.
4. Blowing on a fire ____ the heat.
5. The customer _____ the precise type of house he wanted.
6. The news of the enemy’s defeat quickly _____ around the city.
7. Most _____ express a religious belief of a people , and are of unknown origin.
8. The average person _____ his eyes about 25 times a minute.
9. As the boy came in late,the teacher _____ at him.
10.The woolen35 dress is a(an) _____;it’s supposed to be washable,but now I’ve washed it,it’s too small to wear.

1. anticipates 2. swamp 3. promoted 4. intensifies36 5. specified
6. circulated 7. myths 8.blinks 9. scowled 10. fraud


1 aspire ANbz2     
  • Living together with you is what I aspire toward in my life.和你一起生活是我一生最大的愿望。
  • I aspire to be an innovator not a follower.我迫切希望能变成个开创者而不是跟随者。
2 aspired 379d690dd1367e3bafe9aa80ae270d77     
v.渴望,追求( aspire的过去式和过去分词 )
  • She aspired to a scientific career. 她有志于科学事业。
  • Britain,France,the United States and Japan all aspired to hegemony after the end of World War I. 第一次世界大战后,英、法、美、日都想争夺霸权。 来自《简明英汉词典》
3 falter qhlzP     
  • His voice began to falter.他的声音开始发颤。
  • As he neared the house his steps faltered.当他走近房子时,脚步迟疑了起来。
4 faltered d034d50ce5a8004ff403ab402f79ec8d     
(嗓音)颤抖( falter的过去式和过去分词 ); 支吾其词; 蹒跚; 摇晃
  • He faltered out a few words. 他支吾地说出了几句。
  • "Er - but he has such a longhead!" the man faltered. 他不好意思似的嚅嗫着:“这孩子脑袋真长。”
5 sleepless oiBzGN     
  • The situation gave her many sleepless nights.这种情况害她一连好多天睡不好觉。
  • One evening I heard a tale that rendered me sleepless for nights.一天晚上,我听说了一个传闻,把我搞得一连几夜都不能入睡。
6 gratitude p6wyS     
  • I have expressed the depth of my gratitude to him.我向他表示了深切的谢意。
  • She could not help her tears of gratitude rolling down her face.她感激的泪珠禁不住沿着面颊流了下来。
7 inviting CqIzNp     
  • An inviting smell of coffee wafted into the room.一股诱人的咖啡香味飘进了房间。
  • The kitchen smelled warm and inviting and blessedly familiar.这间厨房的味道温暖诱人,使人感到亲切温馨。
8 plume H2SzM     
  • Her hat was adorned with a plume.她帽子上饰着羽毛。
  • He does not plume himself on these achievements.他并不因这些成就而自夸。
9 plumes 15625acbfa4517aa1374a6f1f44be446     
羽毛( plume的名词复数 ); 羽毛饰; 羽毛状物; 升上空中的羽状物
  • The dancer wore a headdress of pink ostrich plumes. 那位舞蹈演员戴着粉色鸵鸟毛制作的头饰。
  • The plumes on her bonnet barely moved as she nodded. 她点点头,那帽子的羽毛在一个劲儿颤动。
10 shudder JEqy8     
  • The sight of the coffin sent a shudder through him.看到那副棺材,他浑身一阵战栗。
  • We all shudder at the thought of the dreadful dirty place.我们一想到那可怕的肮脏地方就浑身战惊。
11 shuddered 70137c95ff493fbfede89987ee46ab86     
v.战栗( shudder的过去式和过去分词 );发抖;(机器、车辆等)突然震动;颤动
  • He slammed on the brakes and the car shuddered to a halt. 他猛踩刹车,车颤抖着停住了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • I shuddered at the sight of the dead body. 我一看见那尸体就战栗。 来自《简明英汉词典》
12 villain ZL1zA     
  • He was cast as the villain in the play.他在戏里扮演反面角色。
  • The man who played the villain acted very well.扮演恶棍的那个男演员演得很好。
13 immigrate haAxe     
  • 10,000 people are expected to immigrate in the next two years.接下来的两年里预计有10,000人会移民至此。
  • Only few plants can immigrate to the island.只有很少的植物能够移植到这座岛上。
14 immigrated a70310c0c8ae40c26c39d8d0d0f7bb0d     
v.移入( immigrate的过去式和过去分词 );移民
  • He immigrated from Ulster in 1848. 他1848年从阿尔斯特移民到这里。 来自辞典例句
  • Many Pakistanis have immigrated to Britain. 许多巴基斯坦人移居到了英国。 来自辞典例句
15 intensify S5Pxe     
  • We must intensify our educational work among our own troops.我们必须加强自己部队的教育工作。
  • They were ordered to intensify their patrols to protect our air space.他们奉命加强巡逻,保卫我国的领空。
16 intensified 4b3b31dab91d010ec3f02bff8b189d1a     
v.(使)增强, (使)加剧( intensify的过去式和过去分词 )
  • Violence intensified during the night. 在夜间暴力活动加剧了。
  • The drought has intensified. 旱情加剧了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
17 latitude i23xV     
  • The latitude of the island is 20 degrees south.该岛的纬度是南纬20度。
  • The two cities are at approximately the same latitude.这两个城市差不多位于同一纬度上。
18 specify evTwm     
  • We should specify a time and a place for the meeting.我们应指定会议的时间和地点。
  • Please specify what you will do.请你详述一下你将做什么。
19 outrage hvOyI     
  • When he heard the news he reacted with a sense of outrage.他得悉此事时义愤填膺。
  • We should never forget the outrage committed by the Japanese invaders.我们永远都不应该忘记日本侵略者犯下的暴行。
20 patriot a3kzu     
  • He avowed himself a patriot.他自称自己是爱国者。
  • He is a patriot who has won the admiration of the French already.他是一个已经赢得法国人敬仰的爱国者。
21 patriots cf0387291504d78a6ac7a13147d2f229     
爱国者,爱国主义者( patriot的名词复数 )
  • Abraham Lincoln was a fine type of the American patriots. 亚伯拉罕·林肯是美国爱国者的优秀典型。
  • These patriots would fight to death before they surrendered. 这些爱国者宁愿战斗到死,也不愿投降。
22 penetrate juSyv     
  • Western ideas penetrate slowly through the East.西方观念逐渐传入东方。
  • The sunshine could not penetrate where the trees were thickest.阳光不能透入树木最浓密的地方。
23 temperament 7INzf     
  • The analysis of what kind of temperament you possess is vital.分析一下你有什么样的气质是十分重要的。
  • Success often depends on temperament.成功常常取决于一个人的性格。
24 sergeant REQzz     
  • His elder brother is a sergeant.他哥哥是个警官。
  • How many stripes are there on the sleeve of a sergeant?陆军中士的袖子上有多少条纹?
25 murmur EjtyD     
  • They paid the extra taxes without a murmur.他们毫无怨言地交了附加税。
  • There was a low murmur of conversation in the hall.大厅里有窃窃私语声。
26 recess pAxzC     
  • The chairman of the meeting announced a ten-minute recess.会议主席宣布休会10分钟。
  • Parliament was hastily recalled from recess.休会的议员被匆匆召回开会。
27 reptile xBiz7     
  • The frog is not a true reptile.青蛙并非真正的爬行动物。
  • So you should not be surprised to see someone keep a reptile as a pet.所以,你不必惊奇有人养了一只爬行动物作为宠物。
28 reptiles 45053265723f59bd84cf4af2b15def8e     
n.爬行动物,爬虫( reptile的名词复数 )
  • Snakes and crocodiles are both reptiles. 蛇和鳄鱼都是爬行动物。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Birds, reptiles and insects come from eggs. 鸟类、爬虫及昆虫是卵生的。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
29 lizards 9e3fa64f20794483b9c33d06297dcbfb     
n.蜥蜴( lizard的名词复数 )
  • Nothing lives in Pompeii except crickets and beetles and lizards. 在庞培城里除了蟋蟀、甲壳虫和蜥蜴外,没有别的生物。 来自辞典例句
  • Can lizards reproduce their tails? 蜥蜴的尾巴断了以后能再生吗? 来自辞典例句
30 rustle thPyl     
  • She heard a rustle in the bushes.她听到灌木丛中一阵沙沙声。
  • He heard a rustle of leaves in the breeze.他听到树叶在微风中发出的沙沙声。
31 rustled f68661cf4ba60e94dc1960741a892551     
v.发出沙沙的声音( rustle的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He rustled his papers. 他把试卷弄得沙沙地响。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Leaves rustled gently in the breeze. 树叶迎着微风沙沙作响。 来自《简明英汉词典》
32 scowl HDNyX     
  • I wonder why he is wearing an angry scowl.我不知道他为何面带怒容。
  • The boss manifested his disgust with a scowl.老板面带怒色,清楚表示出他的厌恶之感。
33 scowled b83aa6db95e414d3ef876bc7fd16d80d     
怒视,生气地皱眉( scowl的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He scowled his displeasure. 他满脸嗔色。
  • The teacher scowled at his noisy class. 老师对他那喧闹的课堂板着脸。
34 wretch EIPyl     
  • You are really an ungrateful wretch to complain instead of thanking him.你不但不谢他,还埋怨他,真不知好歹。
  • The dead husband is not the dishonoured wretch they fancied him.死去的丈夫不是他们所想象的不光彩的坏蛋。
35 woolen 0fKw9     
  • She likes to wear woolen socks in winter.冬天她喜欢穿羊毛袜。
  • There is one bar of woolen blanket on that bed.那张床上有一条毛毯。
36 intensifies ea3e6fadefd6a802a62d0ef63e69bace     
n.(使)增强, (使)加剧( intensify的名词复数 )v.(使)增强, (使)加剧( intensify的第三人称单数 )
  • A clear atmosphere intensifies the blue of the sky. 纯净的空气使天空变得更蓝。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Blowing on fire intensifies the heat. 吹火使热度加强。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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